A Makeover for the Actress

Today we had a local actress

referred to us for a makeover. She came into the clinic with her personal assistant who was providing her with moral support…..

Who said actresses were fearless? They’re people too!

The lovely lady already had a beautiful smile but she confided that she seldom smiled wide as she felt self-concious of her chipped teeth

I could hardly believe it! She spent much of her day in front of the camera shooting drama after drama! How could she, of all people, be self concious of her smile.

Her smile was already pretty


As we got to know each other during the initial examination, I noticed she had a habit of covering her smile when she laughed. Vivacious as she was, she certainly had a habit, almost unconciously, to hide her smile with her hand.




She was nervous and told me she was scheduled to do a shoot for her current drama in 3 hours. She kept asking me if it would hurt which had me spend some time to reassure her that she would be fine! 

An hour later she was smiling non stop!
An hour later she was smiling non stop!


And so I started doing my ‘thing’ ….. I just love makeovers!!

It is like I get to be the Fairy Godmother of the day, and wave my magic wand, giving her her hearts desire, a gorgeous smile fit for the accomplished actress she was!




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Mama Min
Mama Min
15 years ago

Fabulous job, Dr Fauziah!

Nice website 😀

15 years ago

Nice job! 😀