A 13 year old with new smile

On Saturday, just before the week-long holiday, this 13 year old girl came in with her mum. She is at a  boarding school and could not come back on a regular basis for the necessary adjustments if she opted for braces, so that mode of treatment was not something she wanted to go for.

We created this smile just before we closed for the holidays, my last patient for the day. I just had to ‘do my thing and do some wand waving’ when she told me that she was being teased in school whilst I was getting to know her during the initial examination.


Before her makeover
Before her makeover


 I had a great time with the young miss though she was extremely shy and even had to be persuaded to smile before we started, so I could take this picture.





The end result. She didn’t need persuading after the makeover to smile for the camera!  

It is cases like this one that really make my day!


What a difference it made for this 13 year old!
What a difference it made for this 13 year old!
Smiling wide now!!
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