A diving I will go!

In two weeks it’s confirmed …. I shall be trading my magic wand for a regulator and my underwater camera!

Yipee yay! An old diving buddy of mine, Yanni of Borneo Turtle Divers, dropped by my house recently and offered me a dive trip I just could not refuse …. a liveaboard dive trip in the Komodo Islands in East Flores, Indonesia!

When I told my family I was going diving in the Komodo Islands, my dad said the Giant Komodo were flesh eaters and were as big as cars! I had to reassure him I didn’t have any intention to dive where they grazed, thank you very much!

So here I am, excited like it’s Christmas come early and dreaming of doing a giant stride off the dive boat into the deep blue to photograph some different type of coral for a sweet change!

It has been too long since I donned my wet suit, strapped my bouyancy compensator on, stuck the regulator in my mouth and breathe compressed air again. Far too long!

Much to my embarrassment, I will need to do a check out dive in the shallows before venturing into the deep blue but so what! My last dive was ages ago during a Redang Island PADI Clean-up Dive Fest with 30-something other SCUBA Instructors and divers. 

Another dive instructor buddy of mine actually sms-ed Yanni and asked her to look after me, when I told him where I was going. Sigh. I did say it’s been too long.

With a little bit of luck and given my camera casing doesn’t spring a leak, I shall post some underwater pictures of Manta Rays, Leopard Sharks and other flora and fauna of the region when I get back!

Next year? Well it just HAS to be Layang Layang, Sabah, to see the Hammerhead Sharks in May!

Wreck dive years ago  
A wreck dive years ago


Hammerheads in Layang Layang, Sabah
Hammerheads in Layang Layang, Sabah
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