A Gift for the New Graduate

This morning a patient of mine came in to have her makeover checked (see Makeovers, makeovers Sept 26). Accompanying her was her daughter,  who  had fallen down on her face at the age of 12, causing her front tooth to die and discolour.

Iman came in to see if I could do anything for her, as not only was the tooth blackened but was tilted at an angle. To top it further she had missing lower front teeth leaving gaps in the bottom teeth, too. She had been told that treatment would be long and expensive as she had to have braces completed first, then only a crown.


I had already corrected the lower teeth before I remembered to take the photo!
I had already corrected the gaps in the lower teeth before I remembered to take the photo!

I got so excited as I could see it was so easy to give her the smile she always wanted! 

Correcting the lower gaps was easy-peasy and the tilted blackened tooth was a cinch too.

The only trouble was that I had a solidly booked schedule …. however the next patient had just rung up to say she was still in Bangsar and couldn’t get a cab! Aha!! Could I just manage to squeeze in Iman’s makeover today? I needed about 2 hours for the complete makeover as it involved an Empress Crown!

Would the angels above help shift things in my schedule today so I can do it for her? 🙄   

It was then when Iman told me that she was going for          

All straight and gorgeous though the temporary crown is slightly too yellow but that a difference!
All straight and gorgeous though the temporary crown is slightly too yellow but what a difference!

her graduation party tomorrow.

That was it!

I just HAD to make the schedule work somehow and give this gift for the new graduate….

After all, Graduation comes next to getting married in the most important events of one’s life time!

So we squeezed her makeover in after getting the OK from the next patient …. it’s not complete yet as she now has a temporary crown on til next week.

But the tooth it straight and only slightly yellowish compared to the rest.

This is my gift for Iman, a beautiful girl who now has a confident and beautiful smile to match her personality….. and she needn’t take photos from only her ‘good side’ from now on!!

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Dr Fauziah
Dr Fauziah
15 years ago

That’s so wonderful to hear! You did say your ex was going to be there. Strut Iman! You are a beautiful young lady and Life is stretched out ready for you to make into whatever you are inspired to! I am so pleased you are excited with living your life! Be a cam whore and smile and smile and smile …..

15 years ago

thats me! sorry, but i posted my comments at the boy’s post. couldnt wait for my picture to be posted up! i went for my graduation yesterday. wanna know what happened? besides seeing my lectures and taking gorgeous pictures, i saw my ex! and his other ex girlfriend! his ex, posted up a comment on my facebook saying i look pretty and shes envious, he on the other hand, called me up after the ceremony asking me to teman him somewhere! i look great and i feel great! cant wait to see you on thursday! and i think astro has… Read more »