Kamil’s new smile

My son, Shanaz called me from campus saying he had a friend who wanted to know if I could do anything for his smile as he had a prominent canine that bothered him. Shanaz came to the clinic later with four friends, including Kamil who was nervous but had his ‘gang’ to support him through out the procedure.


Kamil's smile before we started
Kamil's smile before we started

  Kamil was bothered by the right canine and his uneven looking teeth. He had incisors that were longer than each other and lateral incisors that were set back behind the central incisors. His canines were pointy and very ‘sharp’.

The trouble was he was so very nervous and jumped at the slightest thing! But his mates were there and gave him the Dutch Courage he needed to just go for it!

After checking with him that he was over 18 (I would insist on getting permission from his parents if he was under-aged) We talked and I found out what he wanted.

The guys sat through the entire process which took just under an hour (we stopped briefly for Kamil to check the sms that came in from his girlfriend and his elder sister!)

The end result before removing the canine
The end result before removing the canine


After I waved the magic wand Kamil was smiling already as his teeth were the same length and were even  ….. what was left was the ‘sharp’ canine .

Kamil hesitated briefly, then with a deep, deep breath and with his mates’ support we ever so slowly removed the tooth …. a long slightly hooked canine !

His friends gasped when they saw the root…. one clutched the wall for support (that young man is definitely is better off doing his course on Communications Systems than Dentistry!!)

The gang of friends so inspired me… it reminded me of the friendships we make throughout our lives. It reminded me of the support we get just when we needed it, from others that love and care for us. It reminded me of all the people who through out my life that had been there for me when I needed them.

No one lives alone unless they choose to be alone and not accept another’s contribution

. So much is there to be gotten when I let my Self be contributed to. So much was available to Kamil too when he most needed it …. when he allowed his friends to contribute to him. He was never alone.

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15 years ago

Hi Fay,

It’s really glad to see you making a difference to the “teeth” and with their smile, I can really experience their fulfillment and of course their joys. New possibilities with sunny smiles 🙂