The final chapter … the beginning

Today was just fantastic! It was one of those days when you just know everything went right. A day when I feel fulfilled and satisfied that I Made A Difference.

Iman (A Gift for the New Graduate) came in for her Empress Crown and Rashid (The Undergraduate) was next for Part 2 of his makeover. I had worked non-stop from morning so I took a much needed break and chatted with Iman, catching up with how life had been since I last saw her, her graduation party and her family.

Whilst I fitted her crown and did the minor adjustments, Rashid arrived, so I asked permission to invite Rashid in to the clinical area to introduce them and so we could all chat whilst I finished up. She said it was fine so I invited Rashid in, made the necessary introductions and continued …

It was just great! The three of us had a ball talking about Holga photography, relationships and practically everything under the sun. It is incredible how friendships are forged just about anywhere and anytime …. 

Iman last week
      Iman last week

Iman’s makeover was completed first … with some great suggestions from Rashid who has a photographer’s eye

for detail.

We fitted her Empress Crown and matched the two front teeth’s shape size and colour

       Iman today


Then it was Rashid’s turn….    

He was there to do    Part 2 …. his lower teeth. I worked and Iman now was the consultant!           


Rashid before we started

 What fun it was.  

They left with new smiles and a new friendship …. the beginning of the rest of their lives.  

I love my job.

Rashid today
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