The Actress: A new smile before the Premiere of her latest film

I seem to be attracting people from the film industry these days. It makes total sense though, as my makeovers tend to become my living, breathing and talking bill boards! 

Today, I did a makeover for a young and very pretty actress who came in with her mother, a recording artiste and her aunt who was also an actress. They were referred to me by yet another actress who I had treated before the Hari Raya holidays.

Beinda’s mother said she had to come along as she didn’t believe that I could do a complete makeover in an hour. She too wanted a new smile but she wanted to see what I could do for her daughter first!

Beina before
Beinda before

Beinda did not like the arrangement of her upper teeth and was very concerned of the lower teeth as they looked haphazard. She also felt the teeth were uneven in size and said she often hid her lower teeth by smiling only slightly.    

Beina after
Beinda after


As I worked, her mother told me that Beinda had been passed over for some commercials as her smile was not ‘perfect’. 

She was very self conscious especially when she was being photographed for the cover of magazines as they almost always were close-ups.

An hour later, Beinda was all smiles …… tomorrow is the premiere of her latest film and she was all ready to smile and smile and smile for the cameras!

As her fairy godmother, I got an invite too!! And Beinda’s mother has made her appointment for her own makeover! 😆

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