A Day of Makeovers: Number Two at Lunch time

The next patient rushed in terribly nervous

as he had been planning the makeover for weeks. He was late as he got caught in traffic but that was fine as I was just finishing up anyway.

Eric is a male beautician and was very conscious of his smile. He was to have photos taken of him next week and he wanted to have a nicer smile without extractions if possible.

    So with that I started and about an hour later he was all grins! He still had the canine pushing his lip up a little but he was pleased with the results! He said it was the best Christmas present ever!

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15 years ago


You gave Eric a perfect smile. He could not stop smiling the whole meeting! Its really amazing smile that he has now. Nice natural looking teeth.

Eric Cheng
Eric Cheng
15 years ago

Hi Dr.Fay,it’s me – Eric.

Thanks a zillion,,million thanks for giving me such a natural and beautiful smile.Initially i thought the whole process will be painful as i have phobia to see a dentist since young till now.But,today i experience something which is totally different.The whole process is not pain at all and it was very comfortable,i even felt asleep half way thru !! It only took me an hrs!!This is the best X-mas gift that i ever had for myself. Thx Dr.Fay !!