A Day of Makeovers: The Final One at the End of the Day

This young man met a patient of mine at the Amnesty International Rally who had told him of how I played with her daughter, raising the chair up an down during one of her daughter’s visits to me. He said when he heard that, he wanted to visit the clinic and meet the dentist!! He remembered how afraid he was of his dentist when he was little.

He had braces placed when he was 14 but was unhappy with the result. His front tooth were not of the same length and looked ‘flat’.

I told him I could easily make them look the same length and giving him the smile he wanted was a cinch! All he needed was a few waves of my trusty wand

What a day it had been!

Four makeovers in one day ….. I was exhausted but oh so fulfilled! I just love playing Fairy Godmother.

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