A Day of Makeovers: The First for the Morning

Today was a busy day of makeovers!  Soon after I walked in a good diving buddy of mine walked in to my utter surprise as he had said he would visit someday but I didn’t expect him today. 

Fortunately the patient that was booked in didn’t turn up so I could sit and chat for a bit then did a mock-up makeover to see if he was comfortable with his new look. He said yes so I got my magic wand ready!

   I chatted as I worked, about our last trip to the Komodo Islands and my plans to buy the Canon G10 and its underwater casing, which he said was a good buy. I asked him why he didn’t  get a casing for his camera and he said he was just getting the hang of being  underwater! What a laugh that was… he is a superb diver!

 I remember whilst being pulled down in a swift down current, I looked back and there he was, arms akimbo like Superman, totally at ease as I struggled to equalise as my ears felt like they were bursting!

We chatted about the next trip to Lembeh Straits in North Sulawesi and how I wanted to get my camera before then. I so need to get used to handling the camera as things will get even harder once its locked into the cumbersome casing. 

A quick wave of my magic wand and there you have it ….. a new smile for Christmas and the New Year! :lol: 

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