Sarah’s Second Extraction

Yesterday Sarah came in for her second ever extraction. Her mum had texted me on Monday saying Sarah’s two front teeth were loose

and Sarah kept asking to be taken to see the dentist!

I texted back saying I could see her the next day or Saturday if it wasn’t urgent. I got another text saying Sarah insisted on talking to me first and even though it was 11 at night, she wanted to know if Sarah could call! She wasn’t going to sleep until she knew the appointment had been set.

So it was nearly midnight that Sarah and I had a brief chat. I told her it was going to be a breeze like the first time and she’d be choosing her stickers to take home in no time. Sarah said she’ll see me on Saturday.

In came Sarah in her pretty sundress, stick-on tattoos on her arm and wearing her winning smile. She walked in announcing that she had lost a tooth a day earlier which prompted me to tell her to not practise illegal dentistry until she had gone to university which made her mum laugh!

She got into the chair confidently and I told her it was going to be the same as the last time … a little jelly first that tasted of strawberry then the cold ice cream-like feeling and that was it!

She sat back and tadaah…! it was over in a flash. Her Mum had a container with her other tooth which was kind of over sized for her tiny teeth so we packaged both pearly teeth in a little crystal bottle instead.

Pretty Sara cotton roll in her mouth with her selected stickers
Pretty Sarah cotton roll in her mouth with her selected stickers

She jumped off with a cotton roll in her mouth to choose her customary stickers…. all kids have to go home with a sheet of stickers or else they can’t leave! It sure doesn’t make sense for a dentist to give them sweets!

Sarah is a little darling and a future heart breaker, don’t you agree? 😆

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15 years ago

hi dr faye,
its sarah’s mum. thanks for the story…was looking forward to reading it. sarah is here and i showed her the story you wrote about her, but she is more interested to read about the other story about the girl with the bruised gum :P.
we are going to the playground now.
see you soon! and sarah thanks you again for the lovely stickers!