The Dream Team

 img_0233 I have wonderful nurses and an extremely talented and kind associate, Dr Roslin, on my team. Last Saturday we celebrated Hapiza’s, the clinic manageress for the Taman Melawati’s branch, birthday. It was a great excuse to cut a cake after the last patient left. 

Monday was Idayu’s turn … she has been with us for a year, so we celebrated her first anniversary as clinic manageress of the Kuala Lumpur branch. It was cake cutting time again! Who say’s dentists don’t eat cake! We do and it just  has to be chocolate!

Idayu's cake

   The nurses are such lovely girls. They’re the ones who send out the Birthday cards and review cards and call you to remind you of your appointment if you made it more than a week earlier. They make you coffee, tea or chocolate whilst you sit in the sitting room and ensure the kids have crayons and colouring sheets and are sent off with a sheet of stickers and a funny balloon.

They are my partners in giving you a delightful experience whenever you visit us. Yes …. they are my Dream Team.

Idayu, Amyra and Aliessa
Idayu, Amyra and Aliessa
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