Happiness is….

Happiness is making a difference! Today was just that …. a day of happiness for me. The morning had me remove an impacted tooth for the daughter of one of my dad’s loyal patients. She had faith in me purely because I was my father’s daughter! I am always touched by this … that my father’s patients trust me because I have his blood running in my veins.

But what truly made me happy was the last patient of the day. This young and extremely pretty lady had come to see me earlier for regular fillings. I told her that I could really make a difference to her smile as she had two discoloured and tilted front teeth that had been root treated when she was a teen, and a chipped and tilted tooth that was still alive. The smile she already had did not do justice to a very pretty face!

Before my magic wand got to do it's stuff
Before my magic wandÂ

 After some persuasion she made her appointment for her makeover.

She came in early,  I took a short break for a late lunch… I had worked through to the afternoon but was excited to let loose my magic wand again! 

I kept my hand mirror away from her until I finished as I just love the tadaaah! … you know what I mean … the heart stopping moment when you look at yourself and you see something totally different … and it makes you smile and smile and smile and smile ….

And smile

she did! In fact her eyes kind of leaked a bit ( and so did mine) It’s

Believe me the pictures don't do her smile justice!
Believe me the pictures don't do her smile justice!

 days like these that I am so present to what a priveledge it is, that people place their trust in me, and I am able to make a difference to them!

The best part is next week she’s getting the actual crowns which are even nicer than my temporary crowns.

I can hardly wait for Friday!

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Mama Min
Mama Min
15 years ago

Oh my… The Fairy Godmother does exist and her name is Dr Fauziah!

15 years ago

dr fauziah, now i truly believe in your magic wand!!!!

yes, u haf put a smile to my face.. since my visit on tuesday, i could not stop smiling, a smile which i thought i never had all these while..

i made everyone in the office read your blog and they can’t believe how cool my dentist is!!

and thanks to you, my husband really loves my new smile.. even he could not stop smiling… 🙂

see you on friday…