A Truly Inspiring Moment

Just now as my two sons and I were driving back from University Islam Antarabangsa’s campus for the Foundation Sciences, after sending food and my eldest son’s pocket money for the week, we stopped by the local grocers to buy pineapple juice and a RM10 top-up token.

Shamir and Shanaz
Shamir and Shanaz

I was driving back home again when my youngest son said,”O Ma, I need to go back tomorrow as I think they didn’t charge me for the top-up.” He said he realised that they had only charged him RM14 for the stuff he walked away with! I asked him whether I should turn back but he said that they were closing and he would walk there tomorrow and it would be good excercise for him anyway. We turned back all the same, and caught them just in time as they pulled the shutters close.

I told my boys that being in Integrity also meant cleaning up immediately when you know you are out of integrity. I was so proud of them! I acknowledged them and told them how they inspired me.

Moments like these give me evidence that living Life with Integrity, has others ( my children no less!) also live their Lives with Integrity and they practice cleaning things up whenever they notice that their Integrity has been compromised. Life then works!

I practice honoring my Word as mySelf and I am inspired when my children do so too. This was a truly ‘wow’ moment for me.

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