More makeovers!

Each day I have had the opportunity to change someone’s smile. The best part is because I do a mock-up

for those who ask,  that is I create the smile my patients could end up with during the consultation, so they actually get to see the finished product before the actual treatment even begins!

Before  Wouldn’t that be cool if you could see what your curly hair would look like once it was straightened or vice versa … or how you’d look when you decide to change the shade of your hair before the agonising hours under the hands of your stylist!

I did a mock-up for two patients yesterday, I did their makeover with removable fillings so they got to see the colour matching and the end result before they choose to go for it or not. And I get to give them a quote for the work too.After an hour

One came in today for the makeover … what do you think of her new smile?

Her husband who had accompanied her, thanked me for giving him a ‘new beautiful  wife‘. He said though the gaps between her teeth didn’t really bother him but it bothered her a lot and he was happy she was happy! 

How sweet ….! 


And …. the other lady will be coming for her makeover next week. Take a look at the photos below for a sneak preview of how she’ll look like next week!

A  sneak preview: This is the before
A sneak preview: Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â This is the Before


This is the Mock-Up : We haven't started yet!
This is the Mock-Up : We haven't started yet!
Next Friday dvdrip

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