The last day in February

Has the month of February gone already? Wow, it’s been an awesome year so far. 

This year has proven to be full of amazing things and people so far. As March descends on us Klinik Pergigian Fauziah in the Menara EON Bank will be moving to a larger site just next to the present clinic. It’s going to be fun to re-plan the clinic and upgrade things some more. 

We just put in a new sound system for the clinic there so patients get good music whilst they read the magazines and sip their coffee. The kids have new colouring sheets and puzzles …. you won’t believe the number of adults that love to use the mug of crayons to create their masterpieces too. 

My nurses told me today that the fish in the aquarium had babies! They had noticed new little fish swimming amongst the wreck. Isn’t that truly amazing!

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15 years ago

hi are you?
just wanna say hello. anyway Kimora Lee Simmons realy remind me of you.