A family makeover fest

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to create new smiles for a young lady, her mother and her cousin. The mother and daughter are about to go on a two week holiday to Melbourne Australia and wanted holiday smiles to bring with them as they were visiting family down under.

img_0277I started with the young lady, Tina, who looked like a teenager but had a smile that could do with a little tweaking as she had many gaps between her front teeth and they were tilted and uneven length on top of that.

She is a pretty young girl and labeled herself ‘super fussy patient as she gazed critically into the mirrors after the makeover. I told her I wanted to do only the tops as she needed to get used to the new look and feel. Sometimes a new smile does need getting used to!img_0279

Her cousin was floating around the dental chair watching the whole process as she was nervous too but was excited as she had been looking for a dentist for some time that could give her her dream smile.

She looked so cool in her knee length boots and told me that she had worked in Australia for two years and the dental treatment there was very expensive. I chatted with the three of them as they waited their turn and gave moral support to each other.

img_0281At last it was Ashley, the cousin’s turn. Hers was much simpler as she had turned in crooked upper teeth and some smaller gaps in her lower jaw but it was easy to do. I suppose my job was much easier with Ashley,  as she had already watched the whole process whilst I worked on Tina.

She sat quietly while it was Tina’s turn to give her moral support and img_0288encouragement. Tina’s mum ever so often got into the action and gave her comments as well. The finished smile had Tina’s mum say that she wanted a make over too! So I ended up doing the entire family!!

Tina’s mum had mis-shapen upper teeth which made her look a little ‘ratty’ and she had chipped her front tooth in a minor accident. She too wanted to look good which was something I just love to to do! img_0283

The three ladies encouraged each other and gave me feed back on the progress. Tina’s mum had a missing tooth so it called for some disguising of her canine to have her get a softer more feminine smile that made her look younger and give her the winning smile she wanted.img_0285

It’s fortunate I have plenty of mirrors in the clinic as everyone was scrutinizing their new smiles and admiring each other! It was so much fun …. who says a visit to a dentist can’t be a fun thing to do!

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