Becoming a teenager

My son, Shamir, became a teenager this week. As always it was a series of celebrations to mark the event so each and every person in my large family gets to celebrate the event with him. He’s worse than our Agung!img_1903

We had dinner with the grandparents at Shamir’s favourite restaurant Chilli’s in KLCC on the day itself. It was a rare occasion when my boys, my parents and I got to go out together. As my parents are 79 this year, I am grateful that they are hale and hearty, and can be there as my ‘little one’ becomes not so little.

img_1900My father cracked numerous jokes which had the boys in stitches and my mother smiling whilst we waited to be seated and then for our food. Dad as usual was watching his waistline as he didn’t want the hours he spent on the treadmill to go to waste (no pun intended). I hope when I am 79 I will be as trim and as cheerful and full of life as he is.

Saturday was for the rest of the family

and Shamir’s friends. There was a mix-up as Shamir had changed the date for his party as far as his school friends were concerned,  as his new Rock Band drum and cymbals set were only arriving nextThe birthday cake week, but he forgot to tell me, so his cake and the family were coming anyway.  It was too late to cancel the cake as it was a replica of John Meyer’s guitar and took a few days to create. The cake was yet another masterpiece courtesy of Mama Min and was as delicious as it was beautiful.

When it came to the cake cutting, Shamir hesitated so long as it was too beautiful to cut …. almost! But a cake is meant to be eaten… so the kids started with picking off their initials from the  “Party like a rock star Shamir”  marzipan letters and img_1941gobbled it down whilst I cut off a piece of John Meyer’s guitar for everyone!

The adults sat and talked politics (Ugh!) whilst the kids played Resident Evil on PS3, a gift from Shanaz my eldest son. The under 10s soon came running down claiming the game was too creepy! Our rabbit, Brown, soon had them entertained though.

Look’s like Shamir is expecting party #3 for his school friends next Saturday. Somehow I think the centre of attraction is going to be the new drum set and not cake or food this time! … so maybe we’ll try out The Yellow Cab pizza. Thank God for take-away!

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Mama Min
Mama Min
15 years ago

Wow, so many birthday parties! Good to know Shamir is partying like a rock star!