The iPhone revolution!

At last one of the Telcos finally linked up with Apple to bring in the iPhone!

And it just had to be Maxis! Who else but Maxis …. as I am sure Apple would have been very stringent when they select their service provider.

I have had a renegade iPhone for nearly two years and jumped at the chance to get a legitimate iPhone. My immediate response to my brother’s post on facebook, that the iPhone was available via bookings through the Maxis website, was to log on and book mine!

It’s been simply amazing that there are so many people I know, both friends and family, that have been using iPhones for so long. At most family get togethers there are so many iPhones on the table that it gets confusing as to which belongs to whom! I take all the photos of my makeovers using my beloved iPhone.

The biggest set back was that I could not legitimately upgrade the firmware without bricking (that is, blocking) it. I had done it twice by mistake and suffered many days of being iPhone-less until it was unbricked again. I actually wore black for three days when I bricked mine once as I mourned the catatonic phone and reluctantly reverted to my old Palm.

Imagine my upset when I got an email today saying my booking was rejected! I rushed to KLCC to sort it out with a friend who was ‘just looking”. He ended up booking his iPhone and I now have to appeal to get mine as I still have a current contract with Maxis ….. the unfairness of it all!!img_0297

Please Maxis … let me have a legitimate iPhone … pretty please!

img_0296Today’s makeover was duly recorded on my trusty, loyal but illegitimate iPhone. Hanif is part of my referral business group, BNI, and wanted to have a smile free of gaps. I assured him it was fast, painless and affordable and got to work.

What do you think of the results? It took just a little over half an hour too. Did I say the photos were taken with my iPhone that synchs almost seamlessly with my MacBook? img_0298

I have been a Mac user since 1987, with my first Mac Classic. I have since used a iBook, a MacBook and now I have a MacBook Air and the KL clinic is run on an iMac…. so it’s only natural I have an iPhone huh! 

I want to smile like Hanif on the March 20! 


I just got an email and sms saying my booking was succesful! Yipee yay!

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