What a pretty girl

Friday was an exciting day. I was about to make a very pretty girl have the smile she wanted. I was referred this patient by a good friend of mine. She had such a pretty smile but had rather crooked teeth.

Her hesitant smile before the makeover She had to postpone her appointment by a day, which made the extra day wait, make the event even more suspenseful. It was such that as I waited for the time when she was to come in, I got so excited.

You see, when I took the ‘before’ makeover photographs, she smiled hesitantly for the camera. I had to take several shots as her smile was so shy. 

When we ended the first session, she already was happy with the temporary crowns but I knew the actual crowns Her smiling with temporary crowns when they came, would be even more natural looking

that she would just love the transformation to her smile.

Her final gorgeous smile!
Her final gorgeous smile!

I was confident she was going to be so happy! 

When she came in I asked how the week had been. She said many friends commented

she looked better and she was happy with the new smile. I got to work feeling full of anticipation of her happy smile when she first looked in the mirror.

And yes she was happy….. just look at her pretty smile! She smiled wide and easily for the ‘after’ shots.

It was a wonderful moment to remember.

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