Little Patients from Miri


Lisa and Isla, such pretty little girls
Lisa and Isla, such pretty little girls

Today we had a visit from two adorable little girls from Miri.  

Lisa Maisara and her younger sister Isla Adina had moved to Miri, Sarawak with their family and were here in Kuala Lumpur to visit their grandparents whilst their father attended meetings in Putrajaya.

Isla needed an extraction and came in confidently with her grandmother. She was a perfect angel, sat in the dental chair by herself without any need of coaxing and before you knew it ….. everything was over.

Next it was Lisa’s turn, the 12 year old is a seasoned visitor to the clinic so the check-up and clean-up was done in a flash.

They left after colouring some sheets with the crayons provided and trotted off with stickers in their hands.

A big smile though toothless now
A big smile though toothless now

They’re going further away in a few months though as their father has just been posted to Cambodia

for a few years. We’re going to miss their surprise visits.

See Ma…. no tears!

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