A surprise smile

My first patient today was from the central bank, Bank Negara. She had made an appointment to do something to her chipped and discoloured front teeth

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that gave her a less than winning smile.img_0319

I asked her if she had been referred by anyone and she said she had just looked at the panel listing and chose to try out the clinic at random. I was so excited as she had no idea that I could really make a difference to her smile and that I had my trusty magic wand!

She smiled quite readily for the ‘before’ photo which was quite unusual as I’ve noticed most patients were very self conscious of their smile when they first come in …. she did strike me as a confident lady though my excitement must have rubbed off too.

As I worked I told her how tickled I was, that Bank Negara just credited monies owed to me directly into my bank account, then would send me a fax informing me that they had. I thought it was so cool…. I mean they’re Bank Negara after all, and can electronically move money into my account and dispense with cheque writing all together!

We chatted and got to know each other though I had to work fast as many walk-in patients had turned up. I was expecting a  family (it’s school holidays haven’t you noticed?) with a special needs dyslexic young man later too, so I wanted to clear the waiting room as soon as I can.

img_0322When I was finished, my nurse handed her the mirror with a tadaaah! 

You can see how pleased she was from the twinkle in her eye …. I so love my job!

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