Two ladies from the Central Bank


Elisa and Lenice: I've known Elisa since she was a newborn
Eliza and Lenice

Last week was school holidays which meant a sudden jump in the number of school going kids that came in for their regular check-ups. The clinic was buzzing with children so we stocked up on stickers, colouring sheets and crayons!

The most popular stickers for the boys were Ben 10

so keeping up with the demand was quite an effort! The stickers run out pretty fast!

Girls are so much easier … its usually Barbie or Hannah Montana aka Mylie Cyrus.

The before
The Before

I still managed to use my trusty wand though despite the influx of children. The first was on a lady, also from Bank Negara, who had come in for a different job altogether. Once I finished with the filling she requested me to do, I broached the multi million dollar question…. “Have you ever thought of doing something to close the gaps in your smile?”  They usually look puzzled or excited when I ask.

This lady was sceptic too. She had come in to fix a broken filling in her molar, she didn’t think anything could be done for her front teeth.

I told her that I had time for the upper half of  her smile only as we had scheduled her half an hour. She agreed to do the top bit first ,so….. I went for it! Out came my magic wand!

The After
The After

She kept giggling when she first saw the makeover. Being 7 months pregnant, it was a treat for her to have a makeover just before she goes in to the labour ward.

She’s coming back for part 2 next week. Her husband who was waiting for her in the sitting room, smiled broadly but claimed he didn’t notice any difference!

He could have had a brilliant career in politics or be a superb diplomat!

Triangular teeth
Triangular teeth

The other executive from Bank Negara had brought her children for a routine check up as it was school holidays. She smiled at me and I just got soooo  excited! 

She had triangular teeth that made her look like she had a crooked smile. Her kids had inherited their father’s teeth so they had lovely smiles … fortunately.

A youthful smile
A youthful smile

I told her I was going to make her look younger, starting with her smile.

Her daughters agreed …… she did look youthful!

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Eunice Lawrence
Eunice Lawrence
12 years ago

Hi Dr Fauziah,

The girls was happy to see their pictures in your web. However Eliza is a little upset because her name was spelled wrongly. she said “my name is E L I Z A why people like to spell with “S” it is “Z”.

By the way I enjoyed reading your blog. It was fun.

Thank you