An Amazing Cake

Ms Chan Hui Min, Mama Min

as she is fondly known as, is an amazing artiste of her field! I think she is easily the only true cake creative genius that I know of!

The Mermaid peeking up from under the waves
The Mermaid peeking up from under the waves

This Friday she came into our BNI Ampang Chapter meeting with the most amazing cake I had ever seen. She was about to teach her creative cake decoration class and brought in a Mermaid Themed cake which took my breathe away.

The mermaid in iridescent orange is peeking up from under the waves to chat with her friend who is basking in the sun. Her hair drapes over the boulders rising out of the blue.


The Mermaid in pinkish purple
The Mermaid in pinkish purple

The waves lap against the rocky perch in waves of froth as they chat. A turtle swims gracefully undersea, gliding over coral and sponges.

The detailing totally amazed me. The boulders had colours that made them into works of art themselves. 

But it was the mermaid that was so beautifully curved around the cake that took my breathe away …. the tail, a metallic fish-scaled appendage, curled upwards with dainty tail fins. Wow!

A more detailed view
A more detailed view

These photos do not do justice to the cake by far.


Absolutely amazingMin raises the bar, yet again, with this particular creation. She created a cake for me earlier, a two-tierd cake with a female scuba diver, a TV Celebrity Chef for my son Shahbir, and a replica of John Meyer’s guitar for Shamir.

They are truly edible works of art.

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