Friendships that last a Life Time

An old friend of mine, Randy Teh, texted me an invitation to his daughter’s full moon party on Thursday. I just had to be there to celebrate with him and his lovely wife as I know they have been trying for so long to have kids…. and they now are celebrating their fourth child!

It was a long day, I only left the clinic at 6 pm and ran smack into a horrible jam as the Umno Assembly was just down the road. It was a standstill on Jalan Sultan Ismail. I was terrified when an apparently drunk or mad man stumbled up to my car and sat on the bonnet whilst I was stuck in traffic! Yikes!

Fortunately the cars moved a little so I moved gently forwards … he slid off the bonnet, talking to some invisible being and stumbled on behind me. I watched him waver and weave towards the policemen trying to control the traffic as the cars began to move, and eventually stumbled onto the pavement and safety. Whew!

I got home and got ready to go to Randy’s party. I was so excited to meet up with my friends from Landmark Education as I knew they’ll all be there to celebrate the baby’s first month.img_0371

You know how there are times in Life when you meet people who make a significant impact in your life. The friends I made amongst the Landmark Education community are ones who have contributed so much to me and my life. They touched, moved and inspired me in so many ways and instances that when I walked in with my eldest son, Shanaz, who is also a Landmark Education graduate, it was like meeting my Landmark family.

Amongst the many seminarians, I got to take this picture with Cindy Kwet and Garry Chow, both dear friends.

These are the people who have been instrumental to who I know myself to be today. These individuals who hail from diverse communities, races, and walks in life all share a common goalto live a created Life, to love the lives we already have and live our lives powerfully. They are all awesome!

How I miss being in an ongoing conversation of possibility!

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