The Cop’s Personal Assistant’s New Smile

Today started with an exciting makeover request by a young mother who walked in with her husband in the morning. She said she was referred by her friend who had done a makeover earlier and was so impressed with the results she overcame her fear of dentists to get one for herself! 

She surprised me when she said she was a mother with four kids…. she looked so young! She told me she worked at Bukit Aman as a personal assistant for a cop.

A very obvious gap
A very obvious gap

As I worked my magic wand we chatted. She said she had told her colleagues that she was off to see the dentist but didn’t say what for, as she wanted to see if the results would surprise them.

Her husband waited outside whilst I worked.I strongly suspected he was nervous himself though she wasn’t… she was just very excited. 

A smile to be proud of
A smile to be proud of

When we finished, she peeked out of the door flashing her new smile . He came in then and said she looked beautiful! They were so happy with the new look that he said she won’t stop smiling now!

I think he’s right! She said she can’t wait to go to work and show off her new smile.

I love my job!

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