The Actor’s Makeover

On Tuesday my nurses were brimming with excitement! The patient that walked in was a very popular actor who had starred in many dramas. Apparently he had noticed one of his co-star’s new smile and pestered her for our phone number!

Erry Putra all smiles after the makeover

Erry Putra all smiles after the makeover


He is one very good looking young man indeed. However he wasn’t too happy with his smile as he felt he was being passed over during casting for the hero. He wanted a winning smile! I sort of guessed he was an actor or artiste of some sort when he walked in. Erry had the “Star Quality” and my nurses were all in a tizzy and trying to look nonchalant.

Erry Putra and his fan, Norhidayah
Erry Putra and his fan, Norhidayah


We took the usual photographs and he told me what was bothering him. He had contemplated braces and even had taken out the necessary teeth to start the process but his shooting schedule was too tight to allow for the two years it would take to have his smile perfect. We talked and discussed what could be done and set the date for his makeover!


When Thursday came by my nurse, Amyra, pointed out to me Erry’s photo on a huge billboard near Concorde Hotel. Wow, I thought, he really is a celebrity and such a nice one too. But he wasn’t smiling in that poster on the billboard …. 

I had a full schedule before his appointment, which meant Erry had to wait a little. Norhidayah, who shared the sitting room with him together with her father and sister, was over joyed when Erry obliged her request for an autograph and photos! Even in those photos his smile wasn’t really wide …. I could hardly wait to give him a dazzling smile!

At last we started, and less than two hours later Erry got the smile he wanted! Just look at the photo above and you can see his wide grin!

Idayu, Erry and Amyra
Idayu, Erry and Amyra

This guy is a true star and was a pleasure to work with…. Erry you rock! You truly are hero material and make the girls hearts go pitter patter with your charming smile!

Erry came over to the Taman Melawati clinic to do some small adjustments, give me a birthday gift and lend support to his co-star Katy Fauziah who was coming in for some treatment.

He obliged us with yet more photographs. Isn’t he a hunk!

Amyra, Dr Nik Roslin, Erry and Idayu
Amyra, Dr Nik Roslin, Erry and Idayu


Erry was all smiles and had lined up some more actor friends who wanted superstar smiles and a dental diamond to give that sparkling finish.

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