Another Actor’s Makeover: Awie gets his dream smile!

Awie was referred to me by Erry Putra. Awie had noticed Erry’s superstar smile and pestered him for our contact number. It turned out that Awie had met me some years back when he was part of the production of the docudrama ‘OnCall’ in which I acted in showcasing surgery for wisdom teeth.

At the time he said he was too scared of dentists to talk to me about doing a makeover, but when he saw Erry after HIS makeover (see previous post) he just had to have one done for himself!

Awie before the magic wand went to work

Awie before the magic wand went to work


Awie set up his appointment but when the day came the EON Bank building was locked down (we had to vacate the building admist blaring sirens and someone on the intercom telling us to leave immediately) as there was a surprise Fire Drill that took a good hour!

Not to be deterred, Awie when contacted by Idayu the clinic manager, re-made his appointment.

Monday afternoon had Awie come in and we got re-acquainted. I drew up the treatment plan which was in two parts after talking to him to find out what he wanted. We sorted that out and started on Phase 1 of Awie’s Makeover.

He was understandably nervous but Erry had reassured him that it was painless and he’d love the new look. As an actor, it was oh so important to have a winning smile and he was fed up of his nick name ‘Awie, Gigi Terabur’ (Awie, the messy toothed). We chatted as I worked and talked about the shoot I was on all those years back. I told him how an amazing number of patients actually saw and recognised me on that ‘OnCall’ episode including a friend who had relocated to England and was back visiting relatives.


Awie now after my magic wand did its job
Awie now after my magic wand did its job

Before long, just an hour actually, Awie’s new smile Phase 1 was done. He was ecstatic with the results!


Later on my way home, I got another text from Awie saying he just loved his new look … that it gave him confidence and he wished he knew it was painless as he would have done it much, much earlier!

That was so nice …. yes! I love my job!!

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