My Vision for the Clinics

During a coaching session with Jeevan Sahadevan , Action Coach extraordinaire, he asked me what my Vision for the clinics was. It got me into serious thinking …. what DO I visualise the Klinik Pergigian Fauziah to be?

What I saw as My Vision for Klinik Pergigian Fauziah (Fauziah Dental Surgeries) is that we are leaders in providing complete dental care where patients are confident and assured of quality, efficiency and personal care. We are known for our integrity and love for adults and children alike, which is expressed in the atmosphere and services provided by us.

This is SO important to me and my Team. We live it. 

Every week my Team and I from both clinics meet to bring this Vision into existence for our patients and ourselves. It’s a wonderful experience to be with them as I experience the alignment we have standing in this.

I acknowledge both the Taman Melawati Team headed by Dr Nik Roslin and Hapiza as much as I acknowledge Idayu in Kuala Lumpur Team for spearheading this Vision.

They are such wonderful people. They make being a contribution part of their lives.

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