The College Teacher’s new smile

Mariam came across our blog when she was surfing the net for dental clinics for a makeover. She said she came across us by chance and was impressed by the Gallery of Makeovers as she could see what we had done for other people like her who wanted a new smile.

To her surprise, she said the clinic was not only in KL but was quite near where she worked and to top it she actually had brought her daughter for treatment with Dr Nik in the Taman Melawati clinic but didn’t realise we did makeovers!

She booked in for an appointment and came in nervous and very excited she kept talking non stop! We laughed and chatted for a bit. Her hands were cold but she was all too ready for the magic wand to do its stuff.

I drew out the treatment plan and told her what I intended to do. When I gave her my quotation she thought I said RM7000 when I said RM700! When I corrected her, she squealed in delight, and said she had thought it would be atleast RM4000 as she had asked around for quotes and was told each tooth would probably cost just under RM2000. 

Mariam before
Mariam before

I explained that though what I planned to do was composite veneers, they would have porcelain veneer finish without the destruction/loss of her natural teeth. It would last and last unless she insisted on eating rocks, metal rods and wood chunks! 

So with great excitement we began the makeover…. We started with the initial photographs as more often than not, after the transformation the patient can’t remember what they looked like.

It was so hard to get her to smile showing her teeth! She agreed that it was not natural for her to smile widely as she always was conscious of the gaps and the tilted tooth so she controlled her smiles.

When we finished in 40 minutes, she could not stop admiring her smile and was soon on the phone talking to her husband! He couldn’t be with her during the session as he was called away for a meeting but was waiting to have lunch with the new Mariam.


What a smile Mariam has now!
What a smile Mariam has now!

She looks so good now, don’t you agree? You should see her easy, confident smile when we took the ‘After’ photographs …. she said she was going home to take family photos and they were going to be close-ups!


I love my job!!

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15 years ago

Hi Dr. fay! I just wanted to write to let you know that I’ve never in my life had such a wonderful experience at the dentist like I did this morning. Thank you so very much for the kind, patient soul and friendly way you have dealt with me as a new patient. The work you have done for me is great. It has improved my smile 100%. I just can’t stop looking in the mirror because it makes happy that I have beautiful teeth now. I really really really love my smile. :). Today I get compliments all the… Read more »