The Shy Contractor

Ainuddin’s girlfriend had a makeover done a year ago and she was about to take on a job as an air stewardess with Qatar Airlines. Just before leaving for Doha, she came in for a cleanup and some tweaking to her smile and brought Ainuddin with her.

The shy young man was in for a surprise when she said she also wanted him to have a makeover. I don’t think he knew what he was in for, but Aishah was just too persuasive, so he said OK.

Chipped, gaps and spots in his smile before
Chipped, gaps and spots in his smile before

We took the initial photos and chatted about what he didn’t like about his smile. There were many gaps in his upper teeth and they had hypocalcified spots here and there.

His teeth were thin and chipped too, and the gaps, I joked, meant in Feng Shui, that all the profits he makes in his business easily slips away!

So we set to work with Aishah, his girlfriend as cheerleader/cosmetic consultant/ dental assistant as she helped with the makeover and gave feedback. I explained what we were doing in contractors terms and we had a lot of fun and laughs as the makeover was in progress.

The handsome Ainuddin gets a superstar smile!
The handsome Ainuddin gets a superstar smile!

We even discussed the benefits of Skype for log distance relationships as Aishah would be based in Doha for sometime.

After the makeover, shy Ainuddin was smiling… and Aishah was beaming in delight too. Aishah, you are so generous and a loving girlfriend. You both are so lucky to be together!

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