Cha’s new smile

Cha works in the Secret Recipe outlet opposite the Taman Melawati clinic. Some months ago he shyly  asked me if I could do something about the gaps in his smile. I told him to come in when he was on his rest break and let me do my magic!

After many months he finally came in today. He was nervous and was worried it was going to cost him plenty. I told him he was in for a surprise. My nurses and I kept teasing him whilst we worked.

Cha before
     Cha before

He always asks me if I want my Spicy Cornish Pastry warmed up when I come in for my usual take-away (my sons love it so I am a regular at the local Secret Recipe outlet) so this time I joked with him and asked if he wanted the makeover ‘with pain or no pain’?  He grinned with surprise and said, ‘No pain!’.

Then asked whether he wanted the ‘deluxe superstar special or the regular’. By then he was grinning widely and had relaxed. I assured him it would take less than half an hour so his boss wouldn’t at all mind that he had come in during his break for the makeover.

My nurses kept telling him how nice he looked whilst I created his smile. I told him not to believe them as they were being paid by me to say so! He was laughing at our jokes and really began to relax even more.

Cha's new look in half an hour!
Cha's new look in half an hour!

When it came to the time for the mirror to be handed to him, he took a deep breathe and tadaah ….. he was ever so pleased!

It took just half and hour and I served him a beautiful smile without the pain too!!

The next time I go in for my favourite latte and pastry, I’m going to look forward to seeing him smile confidently behind the counter!

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