Repairing my beloved…

Sheeba, the family cat

often sleeps on my book case next to my ‘office’ desk in my room. To get down from her high perch she jumps onto a shelf and then onto my desk. Last Friday morning, I noticed that my beloved MacAir had a nasty dent on the casing. It looked like a small innocent dimple.

The dent
The dent

When I opened the laptop up, I was horrified to see the screen was totally damaged!! Yikes! The dent had smashed through.I panicked and restarted the machine, hoping against hope that the screen would miraculously be ok again.

No such luck though…. the screen was severely damaged. 

I brought it in for repairs knowing full well that the warranty would probably not cover the damage. Ravi, at Epicentre in Pavilion confirmed my worst fears …. nope, the warranty did not extend to damages of this kind.

I can’t fault Sheeba, she just does what all cats do … climb to high perches and jump down again. It was just bad luck that the crystal globe fell onto the waiting machine below.

The damaged screen
The damaged screen

The replacement screen is costing me RM3200.

Sigh …. but my beloved MacAir is something I can hardly live without. It’s just as well I resisted selling my old trusty MacBook. I am so used to having a computer with me all the time….. and to think that personal computers only were easily available in the mid 80’s!

Here I am, feeling lost without my beloved MacAir. It’s flat like a tosai and ooh so light. The MacBook is a heavy weight compared to it.

The funny part of this episode was when Ravi, Epicentre’s technician, looked me straight in the eye and asked me whether there was any photos that were private on the MacAir that I wanted to delete first! That really got me laughing!!! Ha!!!

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15 years ago

I think the technician is probably dun want the edison scandal comes back again LOL, just kidding~~~ ^_^