Aifa, the Beautiful Bride-to-be

A young lady, Aifa, walked into the clinic today referred by her friend, Siti Nabila, who had a makeover done some months ago. The first thing she told me was that she was going to be married in June and wanted a beautiful smile for the momentous day in her life!

She didn’t like the sunken looking tooth on the side and one of her front teeth was crooked too. She asked me whether I could do anything for her and was worried about it being painful and that it would hurt!

It’s incredible as nearly everyone has the same fears. 

I reassured her that it wasn’t difficult at all, that it wouldn’t hurt and the whole makeover would be much less than she thought it would be. I drew up the treatment plan and quoted her what it would probably cost.


We started with a pretty smile but rather crooked teeth!
We started with a pretty smile but rather crooked teeth!

She was excited but began to worry that she hadn’t brought the cash. When she heard that she could split it between her credit card and her bank card we went to work.

All her concerns had been dealt with!


We talked about what she wanted and how I was going to give her a more even smile. I told her that the end result had to look natural, as if it was too perfect, the results would look fake! 

The whole idea was to give her a smile that looked as if she was born with it …. right?

She was the perfect patient. She sat through the initial photographs and had to coaxed into smiling wide. So often the initial photos take longer as they aren’t used to smiling.

We finished in an hour and the first thing she asked was whether the makeover would last. I laughed and told her that unfortunately for me, these makeovers last and last and last …. for years and years and years!

The beautiful bride-to-be
The beautiful bride-to-be

I kept fussing over the little details and we agreed I was like a ‘Mak Andam’!!


She loved the results! I think she looks great and will be a beautiful bride. Don’t you?

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12 years ago

Great One…

I must say, its worth it! My link,,thanks haha…

12 years ago

really good article…

I have spent a bit of time going through your posts, more than I should have but I must say,, many Thanks….

12 years ago