Fizo, the actor


Iqa, Fizo and Idayu
Iqa, Fizo and Idayu

When Erry Putra and Awie did their makeover, they told Fizo, a friend and co-star in the drama series, Matahari. Fizo made the appointment and came in looking suave and made my nurses giggle.

Fizo wanted me to fix his smile. He exuded superstar charm and confidence but was bothered by the gap on the side of his smile as it showed in close ups.

It was so, so, so easy. We had such fun joking and laughing with him. The great thing was the co-stars were referring each other,  just like they did with the drama series, SpaQ, so the nurses were thrilled as we’ve been getting the men actors now and not just the actresses.

The appointment was over in no time so the girls took advantage of the chance to take some photos and get his autograph too.

Redacted film

He is such a nice guy! Fizo …. you are a superstar all right!

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