Creating beautiful smiles everyday! Leonie’s new smile

Yesterday whilst meeting up with Jeevan Sahadevan my business coach, he remarked that he realised what I actually do in my ‘job’. He said that what I did was I created beautiful smiles every day and I should tell the world because people didn’t get that it was possible.

So true! People did not get that creating beautiful smiles was so easy. So many people go through their lives wishing they could have a beautiful smile and think they couldn’t have one or that it was much too expensive.

Leonie before
Leonie before

Today I met a really lovely young lady whom I hadn’t seen for a very long time. Leonie came in saying that 5 years ago I did some work on her and asked if I could improve her smile. I took one look at her and got all excited! Wow, what a difference I could do for her!! 

Her mum left us as we began the makeover …

Leonie said she was obsessed with other people’s smiles and wanted one like mine! I laughed and said I was lucky enough to have naturally even teeth

(possibly due to my dentist father!) but I could easily give her something she would love. She had a tilted front tooth and two slightly set back. She said the fronts were slightly chipped due to a fall when she was little.

Leonie with her birthday smile!
Leonie with her birthday smile!

Leonie didn’t want to wait two years doing braces to get her smile either, so she was excited as I was when I said it would take less than an hour and would cost a few hundred ringgit too. 

She told me as I worked that she just had a birthday and the makeover would probably be a birthday gift. (She already got a pair of earrings) It was such fun getting to know Leonie and talking about Life whilst I worked. I was struck by what a lovely person she was, both inside and out.

The finished smile ….. yes, Leonie loved it!

I so love my ‘job’ …. I get to create beautiful smiles everyday!

These photos don’t do the makeover justice.

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