William’s new smile

William called up for an appointment after seeing this blog whilst surfing the net. I saw him today and despite the delay due to the sudden influx of kids (it’s the school holidays!!) both he and I were raring to start on his makeover.

William struggling to smile before we started
William struggling to smile before we started

He had the most common concern everyone had …. whether it was going to be painful! I assured him it wasn’t going to be and even joked a little with him about it. I told him how much it was going to cost and that we did have credit card facilities too. The cost was not painful either!

We took the initial photos. William said he realised he seldom smiled in photos as I coaxed him to smile wider. I told him the finished product, that is his beautiful smile, would soon have him forget the smile he walked in with so the initial photos were really important for me to record.

We chatted about all sorts of things whilst I worked. Idayu, my Clinic Manager assisted me, and we chose to use a product which had zircon crystals  which would reflect his natural tooth colour making it blend in perfectly.

I told him the secret to my makeovers (besides the magic wand) is I make affordable composite veneers look just like porcelain veneers.


William's new smile
William's new smile

About an hour later, what did he think of the resulting smile? Well I told William about the patient who kept looking into the rear vision mirror of his car, because he couldn’t believe his new grin  was actually real and he was not dreaming, William said he felt just the same!

When I called William some hours later to see how he was faring, William said his jaw ached ….. from so much smiling!

Yay!!!! I love my job!

What do I do as a ‘job’ ….Create Beautiful Smiles Every Day!!

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