Creating Beautiful Smiles Every Day: Anne Marie

Anne Marie and her mother came in for a clean up and a check up. Her mum went first as though they both were rather nervous, Mum had an errand to run whilst Anne Marie had her clean up.

Anne Marie had just finished her course on Music Composition and was about to start a degree programme. Wow! I thought what wonderful opportunities are available these days. I felt like I was from a different era all together …. it used to be that we only got to choose to be a doctor, lawyer, architect, accountant etc etc!

Anyway I chatted with Anne Marie who was a self confessed coward when it came to dental treatment. That’s when I told her that 99.9999% of people with teeth were afraid of dentists (remember) and 80% of those without teeth were still afraid anyway!

I told Anne Marie I could change her smile in an hour. She went through all sorts of places, like for instance, ‘if I change my smile my singing tone would be different’ (!!!) To this I laughed and pointed out I was going to shift the outsides of her teeth and not the insides … so her tongue (which is the culprit for most speech changes when you do major work like adding dentures) won’t be bothered by the shift. And then I asserted she was just scared!

I told her that her fear was real and will always be there …. the trick is to not let the fear stop her from getting what she wanted!

Anne Marie when we started
Anne Marie when we started

She agreed.

I then did a mock up … these are fillings which I can remove immediately as they are not bonded to her teeth. The mocks allowed Anne Marie to actually see what she was going to look like.

Wouldn’t it be great if hairdressers could do mock ups too? I mean think about it … we spend hours curling or straightening or colouring our hair and we really don’t know if we’d like the end result!

Actually it was whilst I was sitting at the hairdressers when I thought up doing mock ups for my patients to really get to see the results I could see I could give them …. and because I could just remove them with a flick of my hand, they needed not worry about being stuck with something they didn’t like! Eureka!

Anne Marie's beautiful smile today
Anne Marie's beautiful smile today

Anne Marie’s mum came back just in time after the mock up was done. Took one quick look and gave the go ahead. She then sat back and watched the whole process.

Half an hour later, Anne Marie had a new smile …. and beautiful it is!

I reminded her that she had one month to eat and go about her life as normal as the makeover is guaranteed. There was no way she could really munch and chew and grind in all the ways she normally does, in the space of the time she was in the clinic today … so she had the month to discover what was uncomfortable with the new smile so I could do any adjustments she may need.

Yes …. another beautiful smile created today.

To check out Anne Marie’s blog post, please go to

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Anne Marie Cheong
Anne Marie Cheong
12 years ago

Thank You Dr. Fauziah… ^^

*I’m a proud owner of a beautiful smile*


Post on my blog =D