Today’s Beautiful Smile : Diwani

Diwani had been seeing me for her sensitive teeth. She had brushed and brushed and brushed them so much they had worn down near the gums and it was excruciatingly painful to drink cold water! The poor dear.

Can you imagine not being able to drink iced lemon tea in this heat? Yikes!

We finished everything at last today, and that was when she asked me if I could close the gaps in her front teeth as food kept getting stuck. Imagine a piece of red chillie stuck in your front teeth after a good nasi lemak and you didn’t know it was there!

Diwani's smile had gaps
Diwani's smile had gaps

I laughed when she asked me that question …. could I help her! Oh yes I could!!

So we took the initial photos as I explained that I needed to have a record as she would probably forget how her smile used to be, super fast after the makeover.

I mean the whole point was that her beautiful smile would look so natural that even her mother wouldn’t be able to tell what I did!

Her front teeth were slightly tilted inwards too which gave her a goofy smile.

Out came my magic wand again … this time to give Diwani her Beautiful Smile.

In less than half an hour, Diwani not only had no gaps but I also fixed the tilted teeth so she need not worry about eating nasi lemak, nor worry about the ice lemon tea that went with it anymore!

Diwani now ... isn't she beautiful?
Diwani now ... isn't she beautiful?

Was she pleased?  

Oh yes! And so was I.

I get to Create Beautiful Smiles Every Day!!

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