Re-thinking my Life

The school holidays are almost over …. that means I shall have my early morning car pooling route again! Waking up at 5:30 am and be driving by 6:15 can be quite a chore! And now I have enrolled in a Wieght Loss Coaching Programme it’s going to be even more of a challenge!

I now have to eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking up. Argh, I said to my Coach … you mean I now have to re-think my entire schedule …. I wake up at 5:30, do what I got to do and get the kids to school, come back and eat (by 6:30) and only then do my 45 minute work-out and yoga! Duhhhh! Wouldn’t that just be impossible?

She just looked at me …. OK,OK, I just got to make it all work somehow. 

You see I have created the possibility/ goal/ outcome of being Fit & Fabulous by August 12 (there, now the whole world knows). By fit, I mean I can jog (yes, jog!) for 2o minutes on my treadmill at the speed of 6.5 AND not be breathless …. oh yes, I added ‘non-stop’ for good measure.

The Fabulous part, I thought, will come naturally once I ace the Fit part.

So I got myself some support in the form of a coaching structure where my diet coach, Sylvia

(yes, they do exist) makes sure I stay on my diet by calling me every day and we have a conversation about where I am on the path to my possibility/goal.

So now what? I either quit before I even start (the voice in my head just sighed) or I keep a firm eye on that beautiful image of the new me that I have in my mind’s eye, and just do what I said I’d do.

Today was all about getting real about what I weigh (ouch), what my measurements are (double ouch), getting my body fat, visceral fat, tri-gliserides level and taking photographs (yikes). 

She gave me the dreaded diary where I write down EXACTLY what goes through my mouth that I call food and I solemnly swore to not skip meals anymore, and eat much more fruits and vegetables that ever have eaten a day and cut the carbohydrates to two tablespoons twice a day.

I told her the last time I had a food diary, it killed off any snacking as I had to write it down. I just didn’t bother with the curry puff for tea since I had to record it in the diary.

Yes … these two months are going to be challenging. Somehow I know if I can get through this I can just about do anything!

So for all of you who have tried and failed to get Fit & Fabulous ….. watch this space!

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15 years ago

Hi Fay,

That’s really interesting! Write down what you put in your mouth..!

Putting in existence for your food in take! I think I need to get a coach too! 🙂

Today and yesterday, I have gained 1 kg…because of all the pasta, chess cake, nice shrimp from Bubba Gump, Pop-corn inside the theater and all the toast from koiptiam. 🙁

Haha…the impact…you knowlah…unknown and unidentified FAT!

Acknowledge your commitment…