Izzati’s Smile

Izzati came in with her mother who is from one of our panels. She is a pretty young miss and was rather unhappy with her toothy grin! I explained to her that her teeth were overcrowded  and too large for her smaller jaw.

A rather overcrowded smile
A rather overcrowded smile

I couldn’t shrink them but I could make them look less messy though and she said to go for it. So I went to work with my magic wand..

We chatted about her work and all sorts of things while I worked. That’s one of the nicest things about being a dentist, my patients are quite conscious and we get to talk and laugh whilst the job gets done … unlike my brother whose patients are quite, quite unconscious when he works (he’s a heart surgeon!).

I told Izatti that I just love my job. I love it because my makeovers make a huge difference to my patients as they almost always have a huge leap in their self confidence. This usually means they start making differences in their lives.

Izzati was so excited when I finished … and she hadn’t even seen what I had done yet!

A new beautiful smile for Izzati
A new beautiful smile for Izzati

Then all that was left to do was to hand her the mirror!

A new smile, a new Izzati … wow, I love my job!

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