Creating Beautiful Smiles: Aireen

Today was a tiring but oh so fulfilling a day! I had been very busy in the clinic with a surprisingly large number of surgeries. Could it possibly be due to the haze which has caused so many people to be more susceptible to infections hence the rise in the number of infected wisdom teeth, I wonder? It sure seemed so.

The before photo
The before photo

I still did a few makeovers though.

One was for Aireen who came in for a clean up and to ask about braces. She had a rotated front tooth that made her smile look a little awkward. After the clean up, we chatted and I told her that I could make her smile beautiful and it would take another 30 minutes, trouble was I had two other patients waiting …

She said she didn’t mind waiting so I could keep my promises to treat the other patients first. That was so nice of her …

When she came back in, I told her we needed to take the photos as she won’t remember what she looked like after. Aireen dutifully let me take the photos and even said I could put a full face one in the blog when I explained that the blog inspired people to come in for their own makeovers! I did say she was nice …

A close up of the rotated tooth
A close up of the rotated tooth

What I do is so simple

really .. and no, it doesn’t hurt, nor does it take a long time nor is it expensive. I explained that the veneers are permanent but I could remove them if she so wanted.

As I worked on Aireen I chatted with Nazura, a patient I did a makeover for 19 years ago when she was still an undergraduate! Nazura married her then boyfriend, Fadhli, and now has 3 kids and is a group product manager in a well known company. The makeover I did for her is just the same 19 years later!

We laughed about how it was then when she was an undergraduate … time flew by.

Soon I finished and it was time for the best part … the part where I hand the mirror to Aireen.

The 'after' close up
The 'after' close up

Aireen was shocked at how different she looked! She grinned from ear to ear!

I love this part of my ‘job’ the most! I love it when my patients eyes light up when they see themselves for the first time. I love it when they can’t stop smiling and keep looking in the mirror. I love making a difference to them.

A very pretty and pleased Aileen
A very pretty and pleased Aireen

I have the best ‘job’ in the world!

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15 years ago

Dear Dr.Fauziah, took me a week (Friday – todate) to feel comfortable with my new toothy.. :). and i believe things will be easy breazy in a month..however i missed the excitement of eating..(if i may say that)hehe..on a positive keeps my eating behavior in check for i need to chew many times,took “cute” bite..or rather eat like a lady hehe…never mind..

and i read on Aida’s…i remember mine…the curiosity and stuff…but finally…i wanna THANK YOU again and please accept my post-congratulaeeeee again…Beyond Reasonable works!!!

Have a Great Day!!

15 years ago

Dearest Dr.Fauziah,

My greatest apology for i promised you my immediate comments on your Bloggie.. :).

Well..THANK YOU ya and THANK YOU again…that’s the best compliment ever for your excellent yet quick solution to my case..

Im happy to receive such a warm service from an expert for youre not only being attended but also being entertained and well educated on whats in need for our dear toothy… :).

Even now…i cant stop smiling.. :). Dr.Fauziah…youre worth to be appointed as our panel!