Mowindran gets back his smile

Mowindran’s father is one of my suppliers. Actually his father is flying in my new dental chair from Italy next week … yes I’m getting a beautiful Italian to grace the clinic once we complete the expansion of the Clinic in Menara Eon Bank in July. It will be complete with intraoral cameras and all the latest gadgets so I can have even more fun being the Smile Artist!

Unfortunately Mowindran had a bad motorbike accident last week and though escaped without breaking his bones, was not so lucky with his teeth!

Mowindran minus some parts of his teeth
Mowindran minus some parts of his teeth

He came in hobbling with his friend, Steven, to give him moral support. I asked him what happened as last I saw him with his dad, he certainly looked different!

He said he had the accident in Subang Jaya last week and today was the first time he could get up, as he had grazes and lacerations and twisted his ankle too.

I told him about my friend Kesh who had a similar injury … three of his teeth were fractured in a curve just like that too. Kesh had been trying to get a job in a bank but kept being turned down.

I frankly told Kesh he had to do his teeth first as instead of looking like he worked in a bank , he looked like he was going to rob the bank! He agreed and after his makeover, Kesh did get a job in the bank after all!

Poor Mowindran agreed and said he was in pain as well, as the teeth were very sensitive. Just then his dad called so I had a word with him first. I reassured Mowindran’s dad that I would restore his son’s good looks!

I told Mowindran about my family’s Sacred Rule which was none of the cousins would be allowed to have motorbikes after a near fatal accident which wiped out my cousin’s bright future when he was 30. He ended up spending a year in hospital and was always in pain and was a broken man. The entire clan agreed that no one would have a motorbike when my grandmother made us promise after a second accident soon after took the life of my nephew who was only 6.

Steven snorted when I told them this story and said Mowindran had already sent his motorbike for repairs so Mowindran the Rempet could ride again …

Sigh! But restore Mowindran’s smile I did …. and I told him if he were to ‘rempet’ again, the makeover would disintegrate and everything will fall off … like Cinderella’s at the stroke of midnight!

Smiling again!
Smiling again!

I don’t think he believed me!

And happy he was.

Mowindran said “Ah …. Now I have my smile again!”

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