A beautiful smile for Roslina

Roslina’s husband had brought her for her routine treatment. At the end of the visit last week, we rescheduled her makeover for today, as she was about to go on a course and wanted to surprise everyone. She said she was going to meet up with people from other departments with whom she used to work with.

Roslina came in with her strong silent husband, En Adnan, who sat with her to give her moral support.

At first she didn’t want to be photographed but when I explained it was important, as firstly, she wouldn’t be able to tell what I did and secondly, if she gave the OK to put her photos on the blog, other people would be inspired to do makeovers too.

I pointed out that she got the courage to do her makeover when she saw others with similar teeth look beautiful


Roslina's smile before
Roslina's smile before

and also when reading the comments, got that it really didn’t hurt and it really was within an hour too.

So she agreed to the photographs and me posting it (I always get permission first!)

It was a chore to get her to smile for the camera … she admitted she seldom smiled showing her teeth when being photographed, as she was conscious of the overlap and tilt.

I promised her that the cross bite, her upper teeth stuck behind her lowers, and the tilt would corrected. I also promised her absolutely no pain!!

Roslina's new beautiful smile
Roslina's new beautiful smile

Half an hour later we were finished….. Roslina was so thrilled that she was even shy to smile at her husband! The gallant gentleman said that he was OK with anything … what mattered was that Roslina was happy!

What a nice man, En Adnan, is.

Yes, they were both happy with the results …. Roslina has no trouble smiling anymore!

Another Beautiful Smile Created Today

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