Betty’s Turn with the Magic Wand

Betty was scheduled for 10 am. Idayu told me she had called to say she was going to be delayed as her car had a flat tire! Oh no, I thought …. I had set one and a half hours for her, just incase, as she was a referral from my friend Khairul Anuwar who always sends me challenges (Thank you Keyoe)…. so now I had to wait that long for the next patient … but of course someone else walked in.

It didn’t help when Betty finally rolled in at 12 noon. I already had two patients slotted in, one of which was Roslina, and I had promised Roslina her beautiful smile.

I took one look at Betty and ….. I just couldn’t reschedule her! She already had rescheduled once and I guess she had moved the Earth to get to me this time too.

Detty before we began
Betty before we began

So I took her photos and told her that if she could wait a bit, I’d still create a beautiful new smile for her today!

I told Betty it would take about an hour … she saw Roslina leave, so I told her that Roslina had just done her makeover and showed Detty the pictures i took of Roslina …. she got all excited!

As always Betty asked if it would be painful, I laughed and said Roslina didn’t shout out and was smiling and giggling as she left, so I don’t think she had pain at all. Betty smiled and so we started.

I asked her for her choice …. beautiful or maximum beauty! She laughed and said let’s go for the max! It’s nice to joke about it all and chat as time flies when you’re having fun!

And so in about an hour (I kind of fussed a little 😉 ) we finished… it was the golden moment … the moment of truth … the moment when I hand the mirror to Detty!

Detty with her beautiful smile
Betty with her beautiful smile

She was amazed and said she didn’t believe it.

She told Idayu as she was leaving that it was like magic!

Yes …. I have a magic wand remember!

I have the best job in the world …. I create beautiful smiles every day!

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