Aida’s New Smile

Aida is a legal assistant who had been consulting a few dentists and they all told her to do braces. Her friend Shahril who works in Singapore told her to check out doing cosmetic dentistry instead but she didn’t seem to be able to get a dentist who would do the job.

Aida said she had almost given up when a colleague of hers directed her to this website and when she saw the photos she got really excited.

She came in and asked me straight off about braces. I told her she may want to consider cosmetic dentistry to which she beamed and then told me about Shahril and how he kept on at her to do something.

When I said,” OK, let’s start”, she looked at me in amazement and said, “Now?”

I said, “Yes … why not?”

I explained when she asked me further, that I normally wouldn’t do a makeover for kids, as they had the time for braces and besides adults probably had thought about it for months or even years before actually consulting someone.

Also I feel that I’d rather the young kid actually make the decision, not the parent which is seldom the case.

She asked me why I recommended composite veneers and cosmetic work rather than braces, I told her because braces just took too long especially when her case was pretty easy!

I gave her the quotation after which she got even more excited … and so start we did!Aida not so pretty smile

As I did her makeover, she asked me how it was that no other dentist she had met thus far, recommended the same treatment I routinely offered.

I told her I wasn’t too sure ….. but my job is to listen to the patient’s needs, get what they really wanted and then translate that into reality …. a makeover!

I said I suspect most dentists don’t really listen to what their patients want … they just say what they can, or can’t do.

As I worked the magic on Aida, I told her that actually there was a lot of art involved too! I mean I was reshaping her rather masculine teeth to look more lady-like. (She said a resounding, “YES!” when I said masculine teeth.)

Less an hour later Aida had her new smileAfter less than an hour the makeover was done …. with much flourish I handed the mirror!

Yes, Aida was happy with her new smile! She even came back again some two hours later to hand me a note saying she still couldn’t stop smiling.

I do so love my ‘job’!!

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