Creating Beautiful Smiles Every Day: Nani ‘s Birthday Gift

Nani found this blog whilst surfing the net and posted a comment saying she was scared of dentists and had a broken tooth which her husband complained about. She also said that her son said she would be more beautiful if the gaps between her teeth were corrected! ( See June 8, 2009: Gallery of Makeovers).

I replied and she made an appointment to remove the tooth and talk about doing a makeover! She came in last week and I removed the tooth and yes… we spoke about doing a makeover.

I gave Nani her quote so she could discuss it with her husband.

Later that night she posted a comment again saying her husband was going to give her the makeover as a birthday present! (See June 23, 200: Contact Us)

Nani's smile before we waved the magic wand!
Nani's smile before we waved the magic wand!

Today, both Nani and her doting husband, En Roslan, came in for the birthday present for Nani.

It was so nice to see them together … En Roslan stayed throughout and kept us entertained with his comments and jokes.

I was going for the prettiest smile possible as this was a gift which was going to be a gift for a birthday to be remembered!

I was so present to that Nani trusted me explicitly after our first meeting and had persuaded her husband to let her “go for it” …… a new smile!!

Nani was not even a little nervous and sat back for me to do my work. En Roslan after a bit …. sat in the waiting area reading the newpapers with his cup of coffee and fruit cake (ahm … this was courtesy of an earlier patient that baked me a ‘thank you cake’ which I get to share with my patients “whilst stocks last” 🙂 )

As I worked, I told Nani, I was kind of fussy … I wanted her to have a superb and dazzling smile .. not just an OK one! She laughed and said that was fine as her husband was fussy too, and she was used to it, and that she really wanted to look good so I could be as fussy as I wanted!

We talked about how doing a makeover was more than just doing fillings …

A Makeover is a lot about creating the whole look: the shape of the teeth and colour  had to suit the overall shape of her face.

Nani's birthday smile!
Nani's birthday smile!

After a little more than an hour, En Roslan walked in again, just on time as I was taking the ‘After’ photos!

Nani squealed in delight!

She loves the ‘new Nani’ …… and so did En Roslan!

I think it was a job well done … what do you think?

I love my job!!  🙂 I get to Create Beautiful Smiles Every Day

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