Today’s Beautiful Smile: Ezwan

Ezwan is a charming young man who works with the semi-government body, MBSB. He was referred by his friend, Betty (see ‘Betty’s Turn With the Magic Wand’, June 20), who had encouraged him to give us a call.

He booked in an appointment today and called just before lunch to ask if he could come in early. I told him I had surgery to perform (it was Eileen’s wisdom tooth surgery) but I will probably finish early anyway so I told him to come in as soon as he could.

Ezwan came in with his mum, Pn Jamilah, a wonderful lady who obviously had a great relationship with her youngest son (I had guessed she was giving him moral support). Seeing a dentist, for some reason, is something people think would be traumatic …. well at least until they come into our clinics that is. 🙂

Ezwan actually wanted to just have a consultation and get a quotation for his makeover. When he asked me how long it would take, I looked at the clock and said, ” Hmm, I should be able to finish your new smile by 5pm” , he was flabbergasted!

Ekhwan wasn't too comfortable smiling for the photos at the start
Ezwan wasn't too comfortable smiling for the photos at the start

“What! So fast? he said. I laughed and told him I would probably take an hour if I take my time and really get fussy about the details!

He looked back at his mum who gave him the thumbs-up, so we started.

I told him I needed to take the initial photographs and explained as I took several photos that they were necessary to record what we started with as even his mother wouldn’t remember what he used to look like. That remark cracked up everyone!

We worked quickly after deciding what colour would match his teeth best. We talked and joked about several things as I got to know Ezwan and his mum.

Ekhwan's new smile!
Ekhwan's new smile!

Before long we were finished!

I gave him the mirror and he said, “Wow! It’s like magic!”

Yes, the magic wand has struck again!!

I reminded Ezwan about our guarantee and made sure he understood that I wanted him to eat normally

after the makeover and not ‘be super careful’ … He just had to lay of the stones, metal chunks and wooden stakes! (I’m joking!)

As he left the clinic, I warned him of a malady that tends to hit all my Makeover Patients …. they get this uncontrollable desire to smile all the time!

It turns out that tomorrow is Ezwan’s birthday  ….. Happy Birthday Ezwan, I hope you have a ball!

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