Mahmud Gets a Hero’s Smile

Mahmud was referred to me by his co-star Fizo. He rescheduled a couple of times as his acting schedule was tight and he couldn’t tell if the day of shooting would end before the appointment.

Finally I did get to see Mahmud though. He came in yesterday and sure enough he was the suave actor we had envisioned.

Mahmud before we started
Mahmud before we started

He wanted a new look and I told him it would probably need a two-stage treatment plan.

He had rather square teeth and were a little chipped. I told him that sorting all that was going to be a cinche and it would take next to no time at all so once I got the green light, we started phase 1.

I chatted with Mahmud as I worked and found out that he had acted as Fizo’s dad twice and was usually cast as a doctor!

Working with him was fun and in less than an hour Mahmud was sporting his new suave smile.

Brighter and more even teeth for Mahmud
Brighter and more even teeth for Mahmud

He’s booked in for phase 2 so stay tuned …

Alas …. we forgot to take the ‘fan’ photos before he left … sigh.

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