The College Lecturer’s Smile

Norhafidzah booked in an appointment to discuss doing a possible makeover. Idayu, my Clinic Manager, smiled at me and said Aliessa had done the booking and scheduled just half an hour little realising that patients so seldom leave with just a quotation and treatment plan!

They usually go for it, and usually ask me to do the makeover when the treatment plan is completed and get the quote! The makeovers are so, so affordable…..This meant the half hour was going to be tight.

Fortunately the family that was booked in next was going to be late, so I had an hour to do my magic. whew!

A lopsided smile
A lopsided smile

Norhafidzah did not like her smile as one side seemed bigger than the other … it was so easy to make a HUGE difference that I was ecstatic when she said to go ahead and wave the magic wand … I just knew she was going to be thrilled with the makeover.

She was worried that I was going to trim the tooth and it would hurt … I told her I’d do a combination of trim and add so it would look absolutely natural.

As I worked I asked her what she did and it turned out she taught English at my eldest son’s University where he was doing a Foundation Course towards studying Dentistry … he wants to be a third generation Dentist!

It was hilarious! She was my son’s lecturer and immediately recognised his name. Midway through the makeover Shanaz (my son) calls my phone I told him I was treating his lecturer … how cool is that!

We finished in less than an hour … I was guilty as usual, of fussing over details, though….

I gave her the mirror with flourish when the makeover was complete!

Wow!!! She said Shanaz should of told her last year to go see his mother! That cracked me up …

A Beautiful Smile indeed
A Beautiful Smile indeed

“Imagine,” I said, ” What would you say to a student that goes up to you and tells you that you need to see a dentist for a makeover?” She laughed too!

But happy she is!

Isn’t it amazing? The world is so small …

I am so glad I could give Shanaz’s lecturer a smile she justly deserved!

I absolutely love my job.

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